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Admission policy

The student's admission for a certain course requires mandatory declaration as follows:
1. The credentials/particulars mentioned are correct and the documents furnished are genuine.
2. His/Her admission to the specific course in IITM is purely provisional at his/her own risk and responsibility subject to the verification of all academic documents as well as category certificate (if any) and eligibility to be determined by the competent authority.
3. In case any statement is found incorrect at any stage, his/her admission for the course will be treated as cancelled.
4. He/She is not employed in any Govt. department / Private organization. In case he/she gets a job in these organizations, he/she will inform the institute authorities and seek withdrawal of his/her admission forthwith failing which the institute will take any action against him/her as it may deem fit under rules.
5. He/She will abide by the Rules and Regulations at present in force or those that may hereafter be made applicable by the Institute.
6. He/She has not been convicted of any criminal offence nor have been released on bail in connection with criminal case.
7. No case of criminal offence of moral turpitude is pending against him/her in any court of law.
8. No complaint or FIR has been lodged against him/her by the university / principal of the constituent Institute / affiliated.
9. Institute or by any other competent authority.
10. He/She has not resorted to any act of indiscipline during the previous years.
11. He/She understands that mere filling up of the admission form and deposition of fee does not make him/her eligible to sit in the examination until and unless the university approves his/her admission.
12. He/She will not claim refund of fee or part of it deposited once he/she has attended the classes at least for a fortnight.
13. I agree to abide to the amendments made to the declaration policy from time to time.

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